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"Play is the highest form of research.". Albert Einstien
Infant Classroom​ No openings available


Our infant program is designed to support the growth and development of each child by providing them with a safe, loving environment.  Our room is designed to offer sensory and gross motor activities as well as a variety of toys that support cognitive development.  We incorporate singing, stories and finger play into our daily routine along with tummy time and outside play.  Infant schedules are individualized to meet the needs of each child.  We do our best to keep each child’s feeding schedule and napping routine the same as it is at home.  As infants get older, between the ages of 12-18 months, we move them to the waddler schedule.  By doing this each infant will be ready to make the transition to the toddler room in their own time by leaving plenty of room for each infant to set his/her own pace.

​Waddler Classroom No openings available

Our toddler program is designed to meet the needs of such an active age.  Our nurturing environment gives them a space to play and explore safely.  We provide areas such as dramatic play, blocks, table toys, a library and a sensory table.  Through play we begin to work on language skills and forming relationships with others.  Our daily routine consists of art, music, story time, and active play such as climbing, yoga and playground fun!

Preschool Programs  No openings available

Our preschool programs are split up into two classrooms.  Our younger preschool room, ages 2 1/2 to 3 1/2, is designed to support the needs of the children who are too old for the toddler room but are not quite ready for the older preschool room.  This is the room where your child will begin to work on self-help skills such as helping with clean up, potty training, and participating in small group activities like circle time and themed projects.  We will also begin to work on problem solving with our peers, labeling our feelings and learning how to deal with them.  Play is still a big part of our day with centers such as dramatic play, art, blocks, library, and sensory tables as well as trips to the playground and gym for our gross motor activities!

Our older preschool room, ages 3 1/2 to 5, is where your child will become more independent!  They will begin dressing and toileting on their own as we​ll as helping to keep our classroom neat and organized.  We will also continue working on problem solving skills that the children will be able to use on their own with their peers.  This is the age where we will assist when they have a conflict and help them work through it, giving them the tools they need to successfully resolve problems on their own.  Their daily schedule allows for both active and quiet times throughout the day.  Math, Science, Cooking, Social Studies, Art and Literacy are integrated through monthly themes, projects and activities.  Our centers consist of dramatic play, an art area, a writing area, blocks, library, table toys, a sensory table and a gross motor area.  We go outside twice a day and when it is too cold or too hot to make it outside we head up to the gym!

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