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About Us

Trinity Day School opened their doors at 113 Coyle Street in 1985.  Together with community members from Trinity Church, a board of directors was formed to help achieve the goal of becoming a non-profit child care center providing a connection between community and family.  Starting with only two classrooms and five teachers, Trinity Day School began to build educational relationships with surrounding businesses, local groups and families.

Currently with four classrooms and twelve teachers Trinity Day School has continued to explore their program’s role in the community for over 35 years.  The school’s program has expanded by utilizing surrounding businesses and experiences for field trips, providing child based outreach programs to add to our daily curriculum, working with local architects to improve our playground and joining the Quality for Maine program.  Trinity Day School has continued to build these and will continue to create relationships to support our future community of learners.

Our Philosophy

“It takes a village to raise a child” -African Proverb

The teaching staff at Trinity Day School believes in our four core values; compassion, respect, growth and creativity.  We teach the children that this is achievable through teamwork. 

We teach compassion by modeling concern for others and their feelings.  We encourage the children to make sure their peers are having their needs met and their voices heard.  Through song, books, and play children are given the vocabulary and confidence to acknowledge and understand each other’s feelings. 

The staff models respect for one another as well as the children. Through play we teach the children to respect themselves, their peers, and their environment.  Manners are taught at the table during family style meals.  We promote respectful conversations and exploration of all families’ cultures and beliefs.

As early childhood educators, it is our belief, that every child learns and grows at their own pace and we need to facilitate this by embracing their individuality.  We work together as a community to help each child reach their milestones and the children are encouraged to celebrate their peers.  We understand that growth is as unique as the child themselves.

Creativity is an instrumental part of childhood.  Children should have the freedom to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings through multiple mediums.  We encourage creativity throughout day by providing free art, dramatic play, building with blocks and music and movement.    

Working as a community the children learn to demonstrate concern for others and their needs, to treat others as they want to be treated, and that their imagination has no limits. 

Upcoming Events:
Trivia Night

Mark your calendars for our 4th Annual Trivia Night, March 30 from 7-9 pm!

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